Advantages of Replacing a Bathtub with a Shower Tray

Advantages of Replacing a Bathtub with a Shower Tray

When it comes to bathroom renovations, one of the essentials is deciding whether to install a bathtub or shower tray. Bathtubs features have actually become disadvantages as time has gone on. This is particularly the case in big cities where space is one of the concerns in homes.

That’s only one of the many reasons why shower trays have gained in popularity over bathtubs in recent years, but there are also many others. The main advantages of replacing a bathtub with a shower tray are:

·        Water savings.

·        More space.

·        Greater safety.

·        A nicer look.

·        Easier to clean.

·        Better hygiene.

·        More affordable.

·        Adaptable to people with reduced mobility.

 You’ve probably never realized a shower tray can offer so many advantages over a bathtub, but it’s true! We’re going to go step-by-step through the reasons why a shower tray is better than a bathtub in all aspects.

Lower water consumption

In a world that’s becoming more and more environmentally aware and in view of the dangers of climate change, saving energy and water is something to truly be considered nowadays. Saving energy has become a priority in our societies with measures within our reach to cooperate in the efforts to achieve a more sustainable world.  

With regard to energy savings within our homes, replacing an old bathtub with a shower tray is one of the most effective measures we can implement. It’s a way to save hundreds of thousands of litres of water each year.

Filling a standard size bathtub is estimated to use 230 litres of water while showering uses only about 10 litres per minute. An average shower of around five minutes uses 50 litres of water which means 180 litres are saved in comparison to a bath.

Better space management

The size of new homes has decreased in recent years, particularly in large urban areas housing an ever greater percentage of the population. Those old 200 metre-squared flats with up to 4 bathrooms are a thing of the past, at least as far as any new construction. Thus, getting the most out of much smaller space is highly important when designing home interiors.

Another advantage of replacing a bathtub with a shower tray is directly related to space. When optimizing your space, a shower tray will perfectly fulfil the same basic purposes as a bathtub yet provide you with a few extra metres in your bathroom or for another room in your home.


Everyone wants their home to be as safe as possible and free of any dangers or accident risks. And bathrooms are precisely one of the places most prone to accidents given the high levels of moisture usually found in them. Another advantage to installing a shower tray instead of a tub is safety.

Bathtubs are the largest, most slippery surfaces and have barely anything on the sides to hang on if someone slips. On the contrary, showers are usually narrower and closed.  Movement is more limited and slipping is more unlikely. Additionally, the latest models of resin shower trays are non slip and, therefore, much safer. A bathroom that is as safe as possible undoubtedly requires replacing that bathtub with a resin shower tray.

A better look

Although it’s usually overlooked in this room of the house, bathrooms can also be places for design. A shower tray, particularly a resin one, is a much nicer-looking feature than a bathtub.

Installing a bathtub conditions the design of the rest of the bathroom. Given the size, it not only takes up the most space but it’s also the focus of the entire room. As will be discussed later on in this article, a bathtub is the most expensive part of a bathroom and the price can shoot up considerably if you’re looking for a great design. The only alternative is the classic white type which offers very little aesthetically.

Thus, due to the size, a shower tray is much more versatile when looking for the right interior design match. Plus, resin shower trays are designer items, can be found in many colours and are much more affordable than bathtubs. It’s the ideal choice if you want to turn your bathroom into an object of beauty.

Better and easier cleaning

Cleaning is one of those essential yet most inconvenient tasks in any home. That’s why anything that makes such unpleasant work easier is more than welcome.

A shower tray is much easier to clean than a bathtub. Firstly and most obviously, it’s smaller. Plus, the surface is flat without any obstacles like bathtub walls.

Bathtubs basically require a shower mat to prevent slipping because the surface has a high slip index. These mats not only create another obstacle when cleaning, but they’re usually hotspots for dirtiness and even bacteria.

A resin shower tray is non slip which means you can avoid the use of these anti-hygienic mats. What’s more, these trays are covered with an anti-bacterial Gel Coat for protection. This leads to greater hygiene, not to mention the fact no chemical cleaner is required – you just need soap and water. And this is something your skin and the environment will thank you for.

Greater functionality

Let’s be sincere.  When was the last time you took a bath? One of the main advantages of a bathtub, being able to take a relaxing, long bath with warm water, isn’t really all that common in practice.  So, does it really make sense to condition all your bathroom space on an object you only use once a week at best?

People mostly use bathtubs for showers yet without the advantages offered by shower trays but with all the disadvantages involved with a tub.

Unless you’re absolutely crazy about them and can’t live without one, say good riddance to that bathtub!

More hygienic

One of the other main advantages of replacing a bathtub with a shower tray is hygiene. There’s no water flow when you take a bath which means you’re using dirtier and dirtier water on your body. This can cause minor infections, especially if you have any kind of open wound.  It’s not all that serious, but absolutely unnecessary.

Plus, as mentioned before, the mats you definitely have to use to avoid slipping are magnets for dirt, infections and fungi. Getting rid of them is essential for a hygienic shower and you need a shower tray to do so.

A more affordable solution

Your wallet is one of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing between a bathtub and a shower tray. Installing a bathtub or replacing one with another one can cost up to ten times more than replacing one with a shower tray.

And don’t forget the higher water consumption involved with a bathtub which is not only bad for the environment, but also bad for your pocket.

The most affordable choice both as concerns the installation as well as the day-to-day maintenance is no doubt a shower tray.

Better adapted for people with reduced mobility

Accessibility is undoubtedly a factor to be considered when designing your home, especially when you’re of a certain age.  Getting in and out of a bathtub can be quite challenging when your mobility is a little worse. That’s why shower trays are the best option for the elderly, especially when they live alone and begin to feel the effects of reduced mobility.

In addition, the latest models, such as resin shower trays, are non slip which prevents any slipping that can cause serious physical problems for the elderly.

All of these reasons lead to the conclusion that a shower tray is the ideal choice for any bathroom, well above a bathtub. And if you add the unique characteristics of a Crocket resin shower tray, the result will be a new and improved experience for your bathroom. 

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