All revolutions need that spark which leads to an unstoppable spread. The Crocket bathroom revolution started with polyester resin, the material used to produce our shower trays. But why resin? What has this material got that allows it to replace the materials we’ve had in our bathrooms for decades? Continue reading and you’ll see.

One level up for shower trays

One level up for shower trays

Polyester resin is for the shower tray market what touchscreens were for telephony: a jump in quality that’s come to stay. The inherent characteristics make it stand out above all other bathroom materials without excessively increasing the price and it’s set to become the top option for any shower. In just a few years, we’ll only be seeing acrylic or ceramic trays on reruns of “Friends”. The main quality characteristics of polyester resin are as follows:

Liquid form in manufacturing: adapts to any shape

Resin is used in manufacturing in liquid form. This means it can easily be sized and shaped in any way unlike other materials. For example, ceramic which requires a lathing process, or natural stone, from which only large slabs may be cut. Yet, because of the inherent characteristics, resin shower trays are fully customizable.

Extraordinary resistance

Once solidified, the resin turns from malleable to solid. And, in this state, it’s a material with incredible physical resistance. This means it’s the ideal component for manufacturing shower trays, which are so highly exposed to impacts such as those much-feared falling shampoo bottles, as any damage would otherwise render them absolutely useless. Life insurance for your bathroom.


When it comes to bringing colour to your shower tray, there’s no other choice with most materials because of the type of surface than applying a layer of paint and praying it will be able to bear the water. In the resin shower tray manufacturing process, colour is applied in the original mixture so that it seeps into the entire dish, not just the surface. The dish will be the colour you’ve chosen, not painted with it. This is a subtle difference that really draws the line between a good product and an outstanding quality product.

Anti-bacterial, chemical and non slip protection

The anti-bacterial and chemical characteristics of resin shower trays are also applied at the source. Manufacturing with a polyester resin base is somewhat like a magic potion to which you go about adding the different properties you want in the end product. Just as colour is added, so is the layer of Gel Coat which protects the product from bacteria, chemicals and water wear.

The same is true for the non slip treatment. In products made with any other material, it’s applied as a surface layer yet with polyester resin, it’s applied to the original mixture to get an enhanced end product from the first to the very last fibre.

A more aesthetic finish

Easily caught up in the halo effect, all of us tend to fall in love with anything that pleases the eyes. And out of all its quality features, resin has got one that truly makes the difference: the unique design. If you’re tired of traditional-looking shower trays, resin is your best ally.

Resin is the skeleton key that opens up the door to interior design for that almost-always forgotten place: the bathroom. The manufacturing process allows for different textures, colours, sizes and even shapes. It’s all about creating the one unique piece that will fit your bathroom like a glove.

Polyester resin has come to the bathroom market to stay. Don’t be the last person to join this revolution. Take the leap with Crocket.

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