Crocket products have 5-year warranty. Crocket will take responsibility for any defects that may be found in their products, excluding any issues that occur due to improper use by the customer.

The warranty will come into effect from the moment that the customer receives the product.

The return costs for the damaged product will also be covered by Crocket.

Our warranty covers repair, recovery, or replacement of the product, with no charge to the customer, and nor will there be any charge for the transport costs incurred in the fulfilment of this guarantee.

All you need to do to implement the warranty is present the purchase invoice.

The following conditions will invalidate the warranty:

If the product has suffered from mistreatment, collision, or damage from any liquid or corrosive substance, or has been damaged in any way that is attributable to the consumer.

If the product has not been used or maintained in accordance with the instructions contained in the Instruction Manual.

Cuando el producto haya sido maltratado, golpeado, dañado por algún líquido o substancia corrosiva, así como por cualquiera otra falla atribuible al consumidor.

Cuando el uso, cuidado y operación del producto no haya sido de acuerdo con las instrucciones contenidas en el Manual de Instrucciones.

No other verbal or written warranty aside from the one detailed here will be recognised by Crocket.
If you have any queries, you can contact us using our live chat service (9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday to Sunday) and we would be delighted to resolve them for you.